This is a list of trainings, schools, workshops, events, conferences, internships, apprenticeships and anything else that offers a learning experience related to permaculture. Some of these are for free (or offer scholarships/work trade), and some require money. Please add to this list!

-The Permaculture Credit Union
Check this site out before you despair over the cost of many permaculture trainings. This is a credit union that pools the financial resources of people who believe in the ethics of Permaculture – care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment of surplus for the betterment of both. They apply those resources to earth-friendly and socially responsible loans and investments, and offer permaculture student loans.

-Radical Urban Sustainability Training
in Austin, TX and Albany, NY; R.U.S.T. does kickass trainings in urban permaculture and all its associated magnificence. Some work-study available, and scholarships available for people of color.

-Earth Activist Permaculture Training
Learn permaculture with from an activist perspective from the renowned anarcho-pagan Starhawk herself. The trainings have an additional focus on social permaculture, organizing tools, and spirituality; they also offer teacher trainings, youth (13-18 ) trainings, and advanced trainings in addition to the permaculture certificate courses.
Based in northern California, with some trainings throughout U.S./U.K./world.
Sliding scale fees, loans, and work-trade/scholarships available.

-Permaculture and Ecovillage Training
Based in Oregon. Lost Valley’s mission is to provide holistic experiential education in the area of sustainable community development, at the village and block scale, for adults at a variety of levels. They aim to teach skills and knowledge to create regenerative ecological and social systems for ecovillages and sustainable communities, and include material relevant for rural, suburban, and urban contexts. Their various courses and programs cover subjects such as restoration and edible landscaping, organic food production, green building, ecovillage design, green community planning, interpersonal wellness in community, and legal, economic, and decision making systems for ecovillages. Internship and work exchange available, as well as are a 10% student discount, extended payment plans, scholarships for people from traditional/indigenous cultures, and some general partial scholarships.

Roving permaculture training in a converted schoolbus (they also do street medic, direct action, etc. trainings); offered on free and donation bases.

-Annual Northeastern Permaculture Convergence
Hosted by the Northeastern Permaculture Network, with sliding scale entrance fee.

-Midwest Permaculture
Offer bioregionally-specific permaculture trainings in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and California; the trainings are one week with a prerequisite online component. They also offer a 3-hour introductory seminar, which can be arranged to be hosted in a variety of locations.

-Northwest Permaculture Classes, Conferences, etc
The Friends of the Trees Society offers a number of permaculture classes and events in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. Work trade, barter, or time payments available, as well as couple and group discounts. Some partial scholarships (or occasionally full scholarships) may be available.

-Sonoran Permaculture Guild
The Sonoran Permaculture Guild is non-profit organization and group of highly committed individuals who share a common vision of making the U.S. Southwest Drylands region more sustainable through Permaculture design and implementation. They put on seasonal events, workshops, and courses in Permaculture and related disciplines, as well as offering individual consultation services.

-Arid Southwest Permaculture Trainings
The Permaculture Institute is an educational non-profit, offering Permaculture Design Courses, Topbar Beekeeping and Natural Building Intensive classes at different locations in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Mexico and South America. Some of these classes are cheap or free, and they also offer some group discounts.

-Finger Lakes Permaculture Training
The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute provide experiential learning events in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. They offer Permaculture Design Certification courses and a variety of other programs for permaculture education.

-Northern California Permaculture Design Program
The The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Northern California offers two-week permaculture and ecological design trainings with some work study available, as well as an introduction to permaculture course.

-Hawaii Permaculture Internship
Permaculture internships/work-study at an intentional community in Hawaii.

-Blue Ridge Permaculture Training
The Blue Ridge Permaculture Network in the Blue Ridge bioregion of Virginia offers classes in permaculture and ecological design.

-Rocky Mountain Permaculture Training
The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Colorado offers high altitude permaculture trainings. They also offer a permaculture teacher training, and workshops as well a permaculture certificate program.

-Northern California Permaculture Training
The Regenerative Design Institute in Northern California offers permaculture design teacher training programs, as well as training in things like nonviolent communication, wild foraging, and tracking; they offer work trade & internships.

-International Permaculture Course Listing
Has listings of internships and trainings throughout the US, Canada, and a number of other countries.

-The Northeastern Permaculture Wiki has an employment, internships and apprenticeships section, with a recently posted opportunity in Maine.

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  1. We are offering courses in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. 30-day and 90-day classes with room & board included. Our web site is

    Our location can be found at

    International Permaculture Courses, ecological design training, synergy, etc…

  2. N

    Also check out the residential work trade program at Regenerative Designs, located north of San Francisco:

    There is extensive opportunity to learn new skills and practice those you already have. Camping space and food are provided in exchange for permaculture-related work.

  3. Can you offer scholarships to poor Africans for your courses.

  4. Can you offer scholarships to Africans for your courses

  5. TreeYo Permaculture

    8-week Permaculture Internship/ PDC Practicum in PATAGONIA

    This intensive Permaculture Certification Internship includes over 100 hours of direct instruction. This will come in the form of lectures, hands-on sessions, and design projects. This practicum will also feature immediate application of acquired skills through participation in the maintenance and management of the Permaculture projects within the 100,000 acres in the legendary mountains of Patagonia. Project development will include organic gardening, food preservation, seed saving, and natural building in conjunction with receiving the core curriculum and beyond of a 72 hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Estancia Ranquilco is a world-class eco-tourism destination and a productive ranching operation. For more information on this amazing opportunity visit or EMAIL US at

  6. Chrys Ostrander

    Heartsong is accepting applications for an apprenticeship position which will begin in April, 2016 and last through October, 2016. We seek a motivated, neophyte permaculturist willing to commit to 4 hours of work and study, five days per week. Room and board provided in exchange.

    For more details and to fill out an application, please go to:

    Heartsong is a beautiful, 8 1/2-acre former retreat center nestled in a forest-ringed meadow just 20 miles northwest of Spokane, Washington. We are accepting applications for an apprenticeship position which will begin in April, 2016 and last through October, 2016. We seek a motivated, neophyte permaculturist willing to commit to 4 hours of work and study, five days per week. Room and board provided in exchange.

    Plans for 2016, which the caretaker and apprentice will be tasked with implementing, include setting up for bee-keeping, growing the full garden for the first time (including weekly harvests and distributions), designing and constructing rainwater catchment, building an outdoor oven, putting up raspberry trellises, establishing a blackberry patch on a folding trellis, starting a flock of laying hens, tending the goat herd, seed saving, food preserving, coming up with a pasture management plan and continuing with planting the food forest. In addition, other general site maintenance, upkeep and improvements will also be included on the roster and determined from time to time.

    Work/Study: The apprentice is expected to perform a minimum two hours of study per week which are included in the 20 hrs./wk. work requirement, following a lesson plan provided by the caretaker. The lesson plan will cover a broad range of topics related to permaculture with emphasis on subjects that apply to the work at hand. The apprentice will keep a journal and complete a written final project.

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