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We are Blooming in Space

Blooming in Space is a network of horizontally linked, autonomous groups (communities, cooperatives, collectives, neighborhoods, households, squats, etc.) committed to radically transforming the way we live. We create, live out, and constantly renegotiate ideas, practices, relationships, organizational forms, and social structures based on “power with,” rather than “power over.” In this process and in the projects it generates, we practice horizontal forms of organizing and relating, mutual aid, anti-oppression, solidarity, radical sustainability, autonomy and collective responsibility for meeting needs.

Specifically, we seek:
• To create, develop and evolve integrated ways of living, ways of fulfilling needs, cultures, and formal social structures that are autonomous from systems of domination, such as the capitalist economy and the state. To intentionally design them according to the values stated above.

• To offer a variety of examples of working systems that serve as viable alternative models for such intentional, autonomous development, with an emphasis on models that are being put into practice now.

• To make accessible the tools to build such models.

• To facilitate collaboration and exchange among anarchist permaculture utopias, anti-authoritarian/horizontal intentional communities, and other autonomous living spaces.

• To facilitate the interchange of ideas, tools and information among various individuals, (sub)cultures, movements and other elements of resistance that seek to build viable alternatives to systems of domination, but that may not be aware of or in dialogue with one another.

• To make these alternatives more widely available and accessible to mainstream culture.


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